New York Appleseed advocates for integrated schools and communities in New  York City and New York State. With evidence-based advocacy and close work  with stakeholders, we achieve direct impact in the community and beyond. We  extend and magnify this impact across North America through participation in the Appleseed network.

   Integrated schools and communities are those that:
   + Achieve Racial, ethnic, and economic diversity in composition;
   + Appoint leadership Representative of this diversity;
   + Facilitate Relationships across people of different backgrounds;
   + Practice Restorative justice; and
   + Share equitable access to Resources and opportunities.

Primary Organizational Focus

Policy, Legal Advocacy, Youth Service/Advocacy

Organizational Affiliations

National Coalition on School Diversity; Thriving Communities Coalition

Resource Description 1

"This advocacy briefing represents a synthesis of several decades of research showing that better-resourced schools alone will not benefit disadvantaged students: their well-being— including self-esteem, engagement and participation, and a feeling of belonging—is crucial to their achievement. Protecting their well-being involves the understanding and commitment of the entire school community, which means that achieving Real Integration requires schools that are willing to work toward sociocultural and organizational change."

Resource Description 2

"In this document, we have combined and updated the original writings ( Within Our Reach policy briefings) to reflect advocacy victories, modified policies, and other new circumstances. We have also attempted to use the most current citations available where appropriate. In a very few cases, our own thinking has shifted slightly, and we have altered the language accordingly. Even with these revisions, the writing in many ways reflects a 2013 perspective on what might be possible in New York City, and we did not go so far as to completely rewrite the document. In the years since, we have been inspired by the many students and other advocates advancing the cause of integration and anti-racism—and appalled by counter-vailing forces of racism amassing locally and nationally."

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Nyah Berg



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