District 15 Parents for Middle School Equity

We saw that our District’s former system for applying to middle school was  competitively sorting our 5th graders. Whatever the original intended goal of  middle school "choice," it resulted in a two-tiered system of  middle schools: one that siphoned off a disproportionate number of white;  high scoring; and higher-income students; and the other that served primarily  lower-performing or lower-income children of color. Our goal was to look at more equitable, fair, and  developmentally-appropriate processes for middle school placement for all of  our children across District 15 and to serve as a model of  desegregation.

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Please check out We Know it When We See: How Parents Can Help Dismantle School Segregation for an in-depth overview of what we learned in our struggle to create a fair and equitable admission standard in D15 Brooklyn.

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