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Centering the historically oppressed through empathetic, community-based design is necessary for overcoming systemic inequities. At Territorial Empathy we work with people-in-places often overlooked to co-create thriving, just, and resilient places. Our team of urbanists, architects, and researchers is committed to engaging in culturally sensitive, anti-racist, and anti-bias practices.

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Technical/Strategic Support, Policy, Design, Research

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"Segregation is Killing Us," is an interactive Story Map platform that displays our research and findings around the impact of COVID-19 in New York City, while proposing an innovative admissions policy designed to inform the opening of New York City's public schools. We hope the resulting platform is helpful in helping our community understand some of the systemic factors that have led to health, income, school excellence, racial, and environmental disparities in New York City.

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"The past year has been one of the unprecedented challenges for people across the world. As we look to envision new normals in numerous facets of our day-to-day lives, we cannot underestimate the toll this pandemic has taken on children. Children develop critical skills every day both in formal education spaces and in their day-to-day interactions with each other and their teachers. Quarantine has flattened these dynamic learning experiences into a screen. While the use of new technologies can broaden our educational horizons, we should not underestimate the educational opportunities that lie in hands-on learning. We have designed a set of outdoor classroom components that transform barriers into a canvas for learning. These components provide a safe learning environment where students can interact with their environment on their own terms."

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