New Yorkers for Racially Just Pubic Schools (RJPS)

New Yorkers for Racially Just Public Schools (RJPS)  is a citywide education justice coalition aimed at centering racial equity in  policy and budget decisions for public education. Led by parents, students,  educators, and advocates, we are working to influence the city and state  education budget as well as policy decisions regarding schooling. We are  paying particular attention to the education narrative and policy agenda for  the 2021 Mayoral and City Council elections. The survival, resilience, and  transformation of the school system in the midst of our current multiple  pandemics will require ongoing visioning, public engagement, organizing and  advocacy on a large scale. We are committed to making this possible.  

Primary Organizational Focus

Campaign Advocacy, Grassroots Organizing, Policy

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RJPS platform of issues and priorities.

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Matt Gonzales



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